Old Cleveland Cemetery
Cemetery Street
Cleveland, Mississippi
GPS: 33 45 28.3; -90 43 53.6
New Cleveland Cemetery
700 North Bayou Avenue
Cleveland, Mississippi
GPS: 33 45 47.95; -90 44 03.24
Beulah Cemetery
MS Highway 1 North
Beulah, Mississippi
GPS: 33 47 50.53; - 90 58 49.75
England, Eugene B.
Faries, Alexander
Gilliam, Albert M.

Gilliam, James C.
Guice, Randolph M.

McLaurin, G. W.

Tucker, Nelson
Yarbrough, William Davis

Coleman, Moses W.
Fletcher, P. H.
Meece, John W.
Pearman, William Lafayette
Perry, Simon Sewell

Sparkman, Levi Beeman
Turner, Joseph J.

Christmas, Charles T.
Davidson, Pitser Miller
Farrar, Charles Clark
Jones, Charles Lafayette
Kingsley, Henry Clay
Lee, Philip Hughes
McGuire, T. Richard
Miller, Bender Nail
Montgomery, Frank Alexander
Shelby, Dr. J. I. J.
Shelby, Oscar L.
Sillers, Joseph 
Wilson, Joseph C.
Wilson, W. W.
Unknown Confederate Soldier

Pvt; Co. A, Dunn's Rangers, MS Cav, 
Pvt; Co. F, 3rd Cav Bttn, 1st MO Vols
Pvt; Co. G, 15th MS Inf
      Bradford's Btty, MS Lt. Arty
Pvt; Co. K, 3rd AR Inf
Pvt; Cameron's Co., 1st Bn MS Cav, St. Tr.
Pvt; Cameron's Co., 1st Bn MS Cav, St. Tr.
Pvt; Co. A, 32nd AR Inf
Pvt; 1st Co. E, 28th MS Cav

2nd Sgt; Co. D, 11th (Perrin's) MS Cav
Pvt; Russell's Co., MS Cav
5th Sgt; Co. K, 24th MS Inf
Pvt; Co. I, 9th MS Inf
Pvt; Co. B, 12th TN Inf
3rd Cpl; Co. A, 12th TN (Cons) Inf
Pvt; Co. G, 28th MS Cav
Pvt; Co. A, 15th MS Inf

2nd Cpl; Co. H, 1st MS Cav
Pvt; Co. H, 1st MS Cav
Pvt; Co. H, 1st MS Cav
2nd Lt; Co. H, 1st MS Cav
Pvt; Co. H, 1st MS Cav

1st Sgt; Co. H, 1st MS Cav
Pvt; Walpole's Scouts, SC Cav
Col; F & S, 1st MS Cav
​name on Confederate Memorial

Pvt; 2nd Bn, Montgomery's MS State Cav
1st Cpl; Co. A & H, 21st MS Inf

08-26-1844 to 08-28-1928
05-15-1841 to 05-22-1916
04-11-1841 to 10-22-1878

06-12-1838 to 03-20-1918
03-10-1833 to 04-12-1881

03-26-1837 to 05-15-1923

03-09-1833 to 07-14-1898
01-29-1840 to 04-12-1907

03-03-1846 to 04-11-1899
05-19-1823 to 02-14-1920
         1843 to 01-06-1924  CH
02-29-1844 to 01-31-1933
11-29-1842 to 10-07-1921

10-18-1846 to 09-21-1940
         1847 to 01-28-1921

         1844 to 12-27-1909
11-05-1838 to 09-20-1869
10-29-1838 to 12-06-1905
              died 02-03-1907
06-25-1834 to 09-03-1873
01-05-1847 to 02-20-1874
         1844 to 1903
07-02-1834 to 08-09-1910
01-07-1839 to 12-16-1903
11-23-1825 to 12-28-1879

01-28-1824 to 05-06-1865
09-16-1840 to 02-26-1914
03-14-1843 to 09-05-1889